Publisher Programme

Many of the Worldā€™s newspaper archives lie dormant, locked away on microfilm reels and bound volumes. The rich historical content stored in the pages of these physical archives can only be released through the digitisation of existing microfilm or hardcopy.  The process of digitally capturing the archived material is cost prohibitive for the large majority of publishers and libraries.  From resources, time to budgets there are so many reasons why newspapers across the World remain inaccessible to the public.

  • Dormant Archives
  • Sourcing of archives
  • Cost Prohibitive
  • Resource Heavy
  • Data Storage costs
  • IT Investment
  • No Revenue path
Microfilm newspapers

Our company has worked for over 60 years with libraries and publishers to provide archive solutions and through our publisher programme we work with content providers to develop digital collections. Irish Newspaper Archives offers a free digitisation service for newspaper content. If you would like to work with our company to convert your newspapers from microfilm or hardcopy into a fully searchable digital collection, please have a chat with any of our team today.

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